College Infrastructure And Facilities

GIHM infrastructure meets equally to the standard setups of any hotel industry. The college campus is planned with required facilities where students get hand on approach with the working conditions of a commercial establishment. Student trained in such atmosphere are easily adaptable in all working conditions

Quick round up of our facilities at GIHM

Front Office

The first and most important area in a hotel where the guest meets the host and is guided through for a comfortable stay. Students are trained here to receive the guest, provide all the required comfort and assistance. Students are taught the important aspects of receiving, communicating and handling various situations while talking to a guest.


"Food is the only way to reach a person's heart", and well served food in a beautiful surrounding is always welcomed. The restaurant at GI HM is designed to give the same atmosphere what a guest would find anywhere in a hotel. The students get a real life experience when trained in our restaurant, they not only practice but also are a part of the service team at all time.

House Keeping / Guest Model Room

"A comfortable stay for a guest is very important when the guest arrives in the hotel". In this department, students are taught how to keep the areas clean, provide a comfortable stay and other aesthetics of a hotel. GIHM has a mock guest room designed for the students to practice the same.

Basic Training Kitchen

The name itself indicates that this kitchen is for beginners. Students are exposed to the working conditions of a kitchen for the first time and they learn the basic concepts. BTK is designed for easy working with easy to understand equipments which allow a student to learn the working procedure.

Quantity Training Kitchen

Bulk cooking is always required for any chef to become confident in oneself. QTK at GI HM is an area where Chinese cooking, Tandoor and bulk cooking is given importance. A kitchen where food can be prepared for minimum 500 people at one time handled by experienced chefs and students.


A beautiful cake, mouthwatering cookies, and any delightful dessert comes from this kitchen. Bakery is handled by a master chef, well experienced in making all the desserts and teaches the same to the student who is ready to show his skill when introduced to the hotelier.

Advance Training Kitchen

A student from the beginner level reaches to a higher level and is taught the various cuisines with the help of sophisticated equipments to get the right product. All kinds of international cuisines, plate presentations etc., are taught here.


The only college in the twin cities to have an in built exclusive AC seminar hall with a capacity of 200 seating and an option for LCD projectors. The banquet hall is planned in a manner where all the college gatherings, programmes, seminars can be held.


Reading is fun and also helps in gaining more knowledge when it becomes a habit. Students are exposed to books, magazines, newspapers to keep them updated in everyday life. The library here is updated with all the respective journals and books related to tourism, hotel and hospitality areas.

Computer Lab

Computers have become a part of human life today. Every individual needs to know the basic operations of the system where he or she works. The students learn all the required programmes as per the need in the various departments of the hotel.

Class Rooms

Well ventilated rooms along with facilities required for presentations always makes the student feel comfortable and helps to concentrate in gaining knowledge through the various sessions and one can find the same at GIHM.

Bachelor in Hotel Management & Catering Technology

3 Years Bachelor in Hotel Management & Catering Technology
(Affiliated to Osmania University)

We create positive learning environment for the students to excel in academics. We pride ourselves in proving latest well

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Craft Course in Food Production

1 ½ Year Craft Certificate Course In Food Production( Recognised By S.B.T.E.T).

To help fulfil the growing demand for educated and trained Chefs and other food preparation personnel at local, regional and national level. Certificate courses combine the theory, practical and industrial experience to prepare the students for entry level positions in the diverse and challenging food service industry.

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